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Fluvial Vallarta – Townhome Living in the Heart of Puerto Vallarta

Fluvial Vallarta – Townhome Living in the Heart of Puerto Vallarta

From its calm neighborhood feel to the hydraulic cement roads and underground utilities, the homes in Fluvial Vallarta just might be what you’re looking for.

As a resident of the fractionnamiento (subdivision) of Fluvial Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, I thought I’d use this as my topic for this article. Let’s start with the name, Fluvial.  It means waterway – FLU as in fluid, and VIAL as in way. And as such, all the roads are named for famous bodies of water from around Mexico and the world.

The streets going North to South are named after lakes; Lago Superior, Lago Titicaca, Lago Tanganica, etc.  And the roads going from East to West rivers; Rio Papaloapan, Rio Potomac, Rio Nilo, and so forth.

As you may or may not know, Puerto Vallarta is comprised of many Colonias (neighborhoods) such as Centro, Versailles, 5 de Diciembre, Conchas Chinas just to name a few. Fluvial was a ground-up, Speculatory project, very similar to those you find in the U.S. and Canada.

It started by dividing the land into different phases. I am in Phase 1, and they go up to 7. The most notable undeveloped land is around Costco on Avenida Fluvial and Avenida Jesus Rodriguez Barba.

The bulk of Fluvial are townhouses & standalone homes with a few condos and apartment buildings.  You can either purchase land and build your own house, buy an established home, or there are always new construction projects. The neighborhood features a lovely little park where you will find families, couples, and singles walking their dogs with the bonus of walkability to many conveniences and amenities.


Fluvial Vallarta


Residents are a stone’s throw from La Comer grocery store, Costco, and several restaurants such as Wonderland, Los Alcatrases, Basilio Comer & Beber, and Freddy’s Toucan, just to mention a few. Fluvial is also a short walk to Plaza Caracol and La Isla shopping centers and when it is time to hit the beach, you are a 20-minute walk to the sandy shores of Playa Las Glorias.

An added bonus, Fluvial abuts the very hip Colonia Versailles, with its growing reputation as a global gastronomic destination, with quite a diversity of restaurants.  From inexpensive taco stands and small gems like Puerco de Oro, to seafood, BBQ, Asian, and French cuisine; there is something to satisfy all tastes.  There is even a southern restaurant, Whiskey Kitchen!  Additionally, there are many wonderful neighborhood bars and coffee shops like Coco Machete and The Office.

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